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Dear Cascadia Homes,

Greg and I marvel almost everyday at the workmanship and design of our home. Our home is open and bright and so very
comfortable to live in.  As well I know from past homes that we have owned, these things are of top importance in a home
and are what makes it a joy to live here.  And Brian, I have been so impressed with your desire to make sure that we are
happy and satisfied here in our home.

We look on Cascadia Homes and our friends and wish you well and continued good fortune in all that you do. Keep up the
good work - honesty and integrity are outstanding attributes and you exemplify those with no question.

Blessings to you and to your Company and your continued business and personal growth.
- Greg and Patricia Cox
Dear Cascadia Homes,

We really do love the quality of your craftsmanship - in my opinion, untouchable.   
The stellar details in your work sells itself in my opinion.    You truly do have the passion to satisfy your
customer - don't lose that trait - there are still good people out there who appreciate that trait like we do.

- Tracie Kendall

It has been about a year since we moved into our home and we are happy to say how pleased we still are with the
purchase.  We had been looking for a new home for about two years before we bought this home.  Since this house was
in the area which we lived, we were able to see the house being built.  There was no doubt that it had fine workmanship
going into it.  All phases of construction had the look of professional tradesmen.   Brian was always happy give a tour of
the house while it was being built; explaining the final product while doing so.  This is when we realized the passion he
had for building homes.  We would jokingly say that he should be selling his homes also.  While we were very impressed
with the workmanship and the layout of the house; it really jumped out at us when it was completed.  It was apparent that
a lot of time had been spent on the detail of the trim package and the amenities which went into the house.  It was this
final tour with Brian when we decided to buy the house.

After the purchase of the house, Cascadia followed through with everything that was agreed upon in the purchase.  Since
moving in, we have not been disappointed.  The only thing we have had to do is tighten up one door knob a bit.  The
house is solid.  We are amazed how the wind can be howling outside and we are unaware until we step outside.  The
layout of the home has made living here very comfortable.  It is nice to know there are still home builders out there that
pride themselves on honesty and a quality product.  We have no regrets about buying a home built by Cascadia and
would not hesitate to answer questions or give details about our experience.

Best Regards,
Bill and Tami Schweyen
We have now been in our new home for six months and are so pleased with the superior quality of our beautiful home.
Brian was easy to work with and kept on top of all the details, welcoming our participation to be informed and a part of the
entire process. This is our second home we built, and this was by far a more pleasant experience than the first one, due
to Cascadia’s excellent customer service from start to finish. We would, and do, highly recommend Cascadia Homes.

-Tom & Nancy M.
I receive applications for homebuilding permits all the time, and I was impressed at Cascadia's submittal, it was so nice
we plan to use it as an example, and can honestly say it was one of the best I've seen yet.

Kitsap County Department of Community Development
Cascadia Homes is a stellar company, Brian and his crew were all a joy to work with. The craftsmanship was superb,
and I would highly recommend them.

-Kimberly Bowman
Dear Cascadia Homes,

Cascadia Homes did a wonderful job on our home.  We were impressed by the workmanship and dedication to creating
a home we could enjoy in our retirement.  From the time we first met Brian to the end of our 1 yr warranty period, Brian
was first class in meeting our needs.  As we made changes to the original contract, it was handled to meet our
expectations.  When we finally got in our home, it did not take long to call it OUR HOME.

Cascadia will build you a first class home.  Brian is dependable and eco-friendly.  We could have not picked a better
builder for the value we got. The extras in our home are admired by everyone who visits and are constantly admired.
Our dining and kitchen layout is the most unique part of the home.  The soundproofing of interior walls has been a
godsend as well.  Our lot location enhances our home as we sit on the deck and look at the sunsets.

We would recommend Cascadia Homes to anyone who is looking for a diligent and thoughtful builder.

Ron & Elsie Walker
Cascadia Homes is truly a five star company, both in customer satisfaction and quality of work performed.  It was a
pleasure working with Cascadia.  We advised what our budget was; they provided a quote that was within our budget
parameters. This is a very professionally run company working with very professional contractors. We were always
advised of any scheduling issues.  They worked with their contractors to insure that established schedules were adhered
to and that the completed work was to our satisfaction. We have already recommended this company to 2 friends.
Thank you Brian and Cascadia Homes!

Jerry & Connie