Cascadia Discovery Collection

Our classic line featuring great designs that accommodate
any lifestyle.  This collection offers the ability to have a very
affordable home, that can also be outfitted with many
features and options to truly make it one of a kind.
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We encourage you to show us your plans, or you can select from one of our collections below
Cascadia Signature Collection

Our luxury line featuring state of the art architecture and
design, loaded with extensive features.  This collection has
the flexibility to be modified and tailored to your exact tastes.
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Cascadia Urban Collection

We build investment properties - whether it is a simple
single family unit, or a multi-family layout, our efficient
designs, modern floorplans, and great curb appeal are a
winning combination.

(plans coming soon)
C    A    S    C    A    D    I    A
C    O    L    L    E    C    T    I    O    N
Cascadia Lodge Collection

Custom Timber Framed home plans will be loaded soon.
Beauty.   Warmth.   Strength.
C   A   S   C   A   D   I   A
C   O   L   L   E   C   T   I   O   N
- L O D G E -